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Need a little reminder that life is awesome because you're not dead?

What about a reminder that you're not supposed to kill people?

Maybe you just need a really good mug. Or a really good hoodie.

Or maybe you don't need any of those things at all, but you just think it would be super cool to have them. Well, now you can! And you can have them with FREE SHIPPING! I'm not sure that sentence actually made sense. I was just trying to find a cool way to tell you about free shipping. 

You know what's even better than free shipping? If you send me a photo of you using the mugs or wearing the hoodies, I'll add your photo to the product pages. So you can be a mug model. I'm not sure that sounds like a good thing, but it is! Or a hoodie model. So get yourself something super awesome and send me a photo!

I can't wait to see you using these in the wild!

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