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The Murder Mystery Murders


It was Colonel Mustard. With the revolver. In the library.

When Aurora North arrives at Maison de la Mort for a weekend of ghost hunting, instantly she knows something isn't right. And not in a haunted house type of way. None of the other guests are who they appear to be, and by the time the first murder happens, Aurora knows exactly what is going on.

Or she thinks she does. But when more dead bodies pop up and a violent storm prevents any of the guests from leaving, the friendly ghost hunting weekend retreat turns into a game of survival. Aurora has no choice but to work out who the killer is before she and Jake become permanent residents at Maison de la Mort.

An Aurora North Exposé is a cross between Scooby Doo mysteries and Lois and Clark, only there's a teenage sidekick instead of a talking dog and Aurora North doesn't need a superhero to save her—she can save her own darn self!

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