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The Museum Exhibit Murders


New Thrills! New Terror! New Murders!

When Aurora North’s editor assigns her an article about a museum exhibit featuring an ancient Egyptian mummy, despite the rumours about a curse striking down everyone who looks on its face, she’s not expecting anything more than a bunch of old artefacts.

But when the curse takes its first victim during the exhibit opening, Aurora’s trainee Jake convinces her their article will be so much more gripping if they can prove the curse is real, or identify the real killer, before calling the police.

So, with only a few hours to find the truth, no outside help, and a heap of suspects, will Aurora be able to dodge the curse and find the killer ... before the killer, or the curse, finds her?

An Aurora North Exposé is a cross between Scooby Doo mysteries and Lois and Clark, only there's a teenage sidekick instead of a talking dog and Aurora North doesn't need a superhero to save her—she can save her own darn self!

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