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The Scorned Lover Murders


Sewer monsters. Bigfoot. Space aliens. Nothing is too weird for paranormal reporter Aurora North.

When Jake bursts into the newsroom with three teenagers who claim they've been cursed by witches, Aurora North could not be less interested. Despite Aurora being able to explain the very unsupernatural cause of the curse symptoms, Jake insists they still investigate.

And that's when the witch hunt turns into a witchy murder. But with so many possible witches, no one telling Aurora the truth and all the suspects appearing equally guilty, Aurora knows she'll have a spellbinding exposé ... if only she can work out whodunnit!

An Aurora North Exposé is a cross between Scooby Doo mysteries and Lois and Clark, only there's a teenage sidekick instead of a talking dog and Aurora North doesn't need a superhero to save her—she can save her own darn self!

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coming soon!

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