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Dead Investigations


Bridget Sway has been dead for seven years. She and her best friend, Sabrina, are running a wildly successful private detective agency. She gets to wear what she wants, eat what she wants, she's even made peace with her communal living situation. Everything is … perfect.

And yet, once again, Bridget is drowning in dissatisfaction. The problem? No one is murdering anyone. Their days are filled with infidelity cases and not much else. So when a client’s potentially cheating husband goes missing, Bridget and Sabrina jump at the chance to do something different. And that’s when Bridget’s dream of finding a dead body comes true.

But it’s been several years since their last murder case and they’re a little out of practice. Add in the shadowy forces of IA sabotaging them, Detective Johnson pursuing his undying vendetta against them and Bridget’s ex-fiancé getting in the way, and suddenly investigating a murder is a lot more dangerous that Bridget remembered.




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