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Hey there!

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If you're reading this, then you've been invited to join the super awesome Cludunnit podcast (oooooh, look at you, Fancy Pants!) and came here to find out a little more information before you decide you want to participate.
And you totally will want to participate! Read on to find out why ...

  Tell me about THE PODCAST  

The Cludunnit Podcast is a fictional murder mystery podcast written in the style of a true crime podcast. It has twelve fabulous episodes which will be released weekly. This is the first season ever, but more are planned.

There is a newsletter listeners are encouraged to join (called the Clusletter!) which gives them a recap of the important clues in each episode and it's the only way to get the link to enter the competition (more on this in a minute).


There will also be a discussion group where I'll post these clues for everyone in case they miss an email and so they can discuss theories. I'm currently testing out the member's area on my website, but if it's not suitable, we might use Circle or even a trusty ole FB group.

  THE competition  


During each season there will be a Whodunnit? competition. Listeners will use the clues in the clusletter (and group) to guess the identity of the killer and then enter the competition. They only get one guess and only correct guesses will be entered into a prize draw. Incorrect guesses won't be eligible. 

The only way to access the competition is through a link in the clusletter and group, so they have to be subscribers to enter. The competition opens after the first episode airs and closes the day before the final episode airs.

  Okay, I'm interested. What do I have to do?  

The time investment will be four to six hours total. First, we'll record your character's episodes which, if everything goes perfectly (hahahahaha), will take less than an hour. But let's assume that we're both going to mess up a couple of times and that there will be technical glitches and say two to three hours of recording time to cover ourselves. Then we'll record "the reveal" episode which will be a group episode. Again, this should take less than an hour, but ... y'know? So, let's say three hours maximum per session. Six hours in total.

You won't need special equipment (or to get changed out of your pyjamas!). We'll use video because seeing each while reading the script will likely be helpful, but we'll only record the audio. We'll use a podcast platform called Zencastr. I'll send you a link. You won't even need to download software. (I'm still experimenting, so the platform might change, but it still won't cost you anything.)


You'll also need to donate a series of audiobooks as a prize for the competition. The preference is audiobooks, but if you don't/can't, then ebooks are fine. There'll be an option to give clusletter subscribers discount codes off your books throughout the season to boost your sales as well.  

In terms of promotion, you'll be required to pimp the podcast out to your newsletter and social media (if you're one of those weird outgoing people) for the entirety of the series. And to encourage your subscribers to join the clusletter.* You can use a huge and very pretty graphic, a paragraph, or just a PS reminding them. It doesn't matter how you do it.**

You'll also need to pinky-swear to promote the podcast even after your season is done. So, a mention in your welcome automation sequence somewhere, the occasional pimp out in your regular newsletter, something on your social media every now and again. Obviously, I'm not asking you to promote it over your books—I'm not crazy—just a note to let people know about it. Talk it up, when there's a new series. Y'all know how to promote. You don't need me telling you. (See the final paragraph of "Your Reward" to see why this is so important.)

You can use it as something "extra" and "free" you're giving readers (bonus for them). If every author involved does this, there will be a constant influx of readers (bonus for you). The idea is that it will be an evergreen (and automated) promotion tool because we'll be adding new authors and their readers all the time and they will go back and listen to season one and discover you! 

* I know you might be a bit like, "I don't know, dude. You want me to send my coveted newsletter subscribers your way?", but, yes. Yes, I do. They're not joining my list, they're joining the podcast newsletter. They'll only receive info about the podcast and authors involved in the podcast. Which includes you. Obvs. Which means you'll be promoted to new readers.

** I'll provide a swath of social media images and such for you to use, so all you have to do is click "download", click "upload", click "publish" and be done!

  your reward  

First, you get to do something a little different and fun and who doesn't need a little extra fun in their lives right now? 

Second, whenever an episode features your character, you and your books will be featured in the clusletter. 

Third, Cludunnit is like a biker gang–once you're in, you're in for life! Every time we create a new series, new authors will join the cast and bring their readers with them. Those readers will very likely go back and listen to earlier seasons where they'll learn all about you. Which basically means you and your books will be continually promoted to a growing audience of mystery readers with no extra effort on your behalf.  

Fourth (yes, there's more), all participants will receive individual tracking links to share the podcast. This is not to check whether you are sharing (because you will, right? We're all adults here.), it's to check who's sharing the most. Why is that important? Because there will be a month or so between seasons. During that time, I'll be emailing the clusletter info about the new season, but also new books/sale books from any of our participating authors from any season. So, if you share a lot, you're much more likely to get promoted in those between seasons months. 

Okay! So that's my sales pitch. Are you interested or what, yo? Drop me an email at with the following subject so I can pick your email out of the inbox mess: Cludunnit? I'm gosh darn in, yo!

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