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Welcome to the Cludunnit Podcast. 

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Cludunnit is a fictional murder mystery podcast written in the style of a true crime podcast. It follows the freelance travel writer Diamanté De'ath as she travels the world and stumbles on murders. Think, a travelling Jessica Fletcher.

As a listener, you get to play along and try to work out who the murderer is. Especially if you join the cluesletter, the weekly email that alerts you when the next episode is released and helps you work through all the clues to solve the mystery.

And you'll desperately want to solve the mystery. Not just to prove you're a Super Sleuth, but because each season participating authors will add their books into a prize draw which you can only enter through the cluesletter. 


All you have to do to enter is guess who the murderer is before the final episode of the season and you'll be entered into the draw.

So, join the cluesletter, you super sleuth, you ... >>>

Season One: De'ath at the Avalanche Inn

A guest wanting to hit the slopes early discovered the body of twenty-nine-year-old Nina Nevermore, dressed in burgundy pyjamas with a hot pink ski jacket thrown over them, just before 6am on a Tuesday morning. Her only injury was a wound to the back of the head.


With a blizzard isolating the chalet and preventing the police from investigating, it's up to Diamanté De'ath to solve the murder and find the culprit ... with your help.

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