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A Little More Dead


Newly dead Bridget Sway is surviving. For the moment.

Since she managed to solve two murder sprees, stay out of prison and pass her adjustment assessment, Bridget Sway is feeling pretty good about herself. That is, until the crazy homicidal ex-ward of her handsome parole officer escapes from Mendall Asylum.


As the attempted murder of one of Bridget’s housemates was the reason for Crazy Katie’s incarceration, Bridget’s main goal is to keep all of her housemates safe. Naturally, best friend Sabrina suggests the easiest way to do that is to catch Crazy Katie themselves.

Dodging her handsome parole office, the afterlife police and the dead bodies falling out at her, if Bridget can't bring Crazy Katie to justice, it just might be the end of the afterlife for them all.


If you like sassy heroines who break all the rules, laugh out loud humour and whodunnits that keep you guessing until the very end, then tag along with Bridget Sway on her afterlife adventures.


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